For the most beautiful

I was introduced to the ideas of Discordianism when I first read The Illumintatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Wilson. The book is satirical and entertaining book. It has some interesting points and absolute rubbish but that is what makes it a fun read. Fnord. You can’t take things like Discord seriously and since the book draws heavily from Discordianism what more can you expect but contradictions and a bit of chaos? For those not familiar Discordianism was the manifestation of Greg Hill and Kerry Wendell Thornley’s idea of a satirical religion. That is a religion designed to be a joke or a real religion hidden behind a joke. It mixes a lot of truths in with a lot of lies and again that’s the fun of it. The patron saint of Discordianism is of course Eris or Discord the Greek goddess of discord.

As the story goes Eris was a bit upset about not being invited to a wedding party. I feel it is a poor move to piss off the Goddess of discord but what’s done is done. Eris decides to get a little revenge and sew some discord as she does and goes and gets one of Mother Gaia’s golden apples. She then scrawls on it “For the most beautiful” (but not in English she writes it in Greek). She then wedding crashes as a Goddess does and tosses the apple onto the wedding parties table. Of course multiple Goddess think the apple is for them because they consider themselves the most beautiful Aphorodite, Hera and Athena. Well chaos follows which leads to a story called the Judgement of Paris if you want to read it…ultimately it leads to a big war. Anyways don’t intentionally snub a goddess of discord is the lesson here.

Well Eris being the Patron saint of Discord I found her archetype or personification interesting. I find these archetypes sit well with us. If they didn’t characters like The Joker wouldn’t be so popular. The Joker has consistently ranked the number one comic book villian and he is a personification of discord or at least a servant to the ideals with his lines in the movie a Dark Knight “Introduce a little Anarchy and upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh and you know the thing about Chaos? It’s fair!”

I know chaos is always supposed to be the opposite of order. But the idea of order always perplexes me. If we look at it from a large enough lens the universe certainly seems to be chaotic in that we can’t perceive the order if there is such a thing. Order to me is just the parameters or rules we use to define the chaos. That or everything is order and chaos is just the white noise that we haven’t yet been able to explain because we don’t have enough data. I don’t view them as polar opposites. The personification of that juxtaposed thought process is what interests me as an artist.

The picture I have included for this article is of a painting I just completed titled For the most beautiful a homage to Eris. Eris is thought to be a daughter of night and that is why I have her hand emerging from the black sumi ink clouds. The apple is made of about 3–4 layers of gold leaf and her hand done in watercolor. I then painted over the entire piece with gum arabic so it had a bit of a gloss. I hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested in purchasing or seeing more of my art please visit my art pages.

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