2Tulips and David Sinclair

David Sinclair Ph.D.

2Tulips: Proof of Storage is an NFT I created as part of my Proof Series. Proceeds from the sale of that NFT will go towards aiding the research of David Sinclair Ph.D. To read more about the art side of this series you can click here.

2Tulips: Proof of Storage

I want to jump right in why I felt David Sinclair was a perfect match for the Proof of Storage NFT. In almost every interview he discusses genetic information and the epigenome. He contests that aging is a result of information loss, but we have a backup copy. This paired well and why I chose this NFT in hopes to bring awareness to his research.

I’m not a scientist so I sometimes get lost when reading over the complex research and biological mechanisms at play. But I am drawn to the paradigm shift he is advocating. We presently view death as an inevitability. Death has been a natural part of life on our planet that it is hard to think about immortality beyond science fiction or fantasy. But it has long been a craving for humans to live forever. From early searches for the philosopher stone or elixir of life to religion offering us eternal life. That desire for life is probably encoded somewhere in our genome. The paradigm shift he suggests is that aging is a disease like any other medical disease. It is not a complex shift but it has profound implications. This shift in thinking is essential if we are to find a cure. We shouldn’t think of life extension research as alchemy, but instead as modern science lead by esteemed researchers such as Dr. Sinclair and his research team at Harvard. This man is a real scientific pioneer not just changing the way we think about death but actively looking for the cures.

I wish I had the technical background to distill everything for easy consumption. Instead I will refer you to his own words because he does not shy away from a camera and he is easy to understand. He also offers up practical suggestions for aging.

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